Two Days to Pay

Two Days to Pay

And so it begins putting all the technical elements together on the film Two Days To Pay before shooting begins while having a Chinese style lunch in Waltham with Michael and Howard Phillips, Kyle Dedeian and Calvin Berry. Moving forward yes!…

Interview with Diane Raver


Love, Life and the Pursuit of Film: A Few Minutes with Diane Raver…
I went into this interview with little knowledge of Diane Raver but I wanted to learn more about her, how she began her career, why she continues to pursue entertaining audiences on a yearly basis.

Farren Butcher the Movie

A behind the scene look at Jon Butcher and Charlie Farren

We’ve gotten to the final production stages of the documentary film Farren Butcher Inc The Movie, a film about the music careers of both Jon Butcher from the band Jon Butcher Axis and Charlie Farren of Ferinheit. Back in March 2011 director, producer Calvin Berry began shooting the film on location…